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Advanced Software Technology

Advanced Software Technology
Master of Science - Graduate program
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Our master's program in IT is designed for high-achieving graduates of IT bachelor's programs who are looking to advance their careers and deepen their knowledge in the field. Developed in collaboration with a major IT company, our program offers a unique blend of academic theory and practical experience, taught by industry experts and university professors.

Our core courses cover a range of topics, including programming languages, software engineering, and data analytics. Additionally, we offer elective courses in emerging areas. This comprehensive curriculum prepares graduates for a variety of career paths in the IT industry, from software development to product management.

Our program also provides opportunities for students to engage in research, with access to our partner company's cutting-edge laboratories and resources. Graduates of our program are well-prepared to continue their academic careers, pursuing further study and research in IT and related fields.

Join our master's program and take the next step in your IT career. Apply now to launch your journey to success.

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About JetBrains

JetBrains creates intelligent software development tools used by over 15.9 million professionals and 90 Fortune Global Top100 companies.

Its lineup of more than 30 products includes IDEs for most programming languages and technologies, such as IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and others, as well as products for team collaboration, like JetBrains Space.

JetBrains is also known for creating the Kotlin programming language, recognized by Google as the preferred language for Android development.

The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and has offices throughout the world.

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Today’s business world requires disciplinary knowledge from graduates as well as the ability to apply this knowledge. Career-related services at Constructor University provide information, counseling and training, networks, and events. Constructor University’s students participate in trainings on project management, business communication, job interview skills, and more. Digital job and internship portfolios help students to prepare for their career.

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Alumni Association

Studying at Constructor University gives you connections – often for your whole life.

The Alumni Association E.V. was founded in 2004 by the first generation of graduates. Since then, around 4,500 students have obtained their degrees from this University.

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