Program - International Foundation Year

Program - International Foundation Year
Pre-Degree program

The International Foundation Year is a one-year preparatory program designed for students who either need to work on their academic skills or are still deciding what they want to study.

The program is designed to offer a unique variety of subject areas and modules to define your study plan. You can benefit from in-depth qualification and specialization options to best prepare for your desired undergraduate study area.

Subject areas

Through a combination of core modules and subject-specific study, students will develop the skills they need to start their undergraduate education successfully. Students can choose from three subject areas to prepare for a degree at Constructor University.

This subject area covers the fundamentals of computer programming, coding, mathematics, and technology. Digitalization lies at the core of all modern industries. It plays a major role in today’s work life, so these subjects will prepare students to work in modern tech environments.
scientific webinars
This subject area prepares students for degree programs within the Life Sciences & Chemistry department at Constructor University. Each program teaches theoretical and practical skills for rewarding careers across many different industries in the field of natural sciences.
This subject area provides students with the necessary foundation to pursue a variety of business or social science careers, from management and accounting to psychology and human resource management. Students gain practical and professional skills that enhance their employability.
Qualification Pathway

You want to study your favored degree program at a top private international university in Germany, but you don’t meet the entrance requirements yet?
Then the Qualification Pathway is your choice! Study a specific subject area (Technology, Science, Society) and qualify for direct entry.

  1. Choose one subject (from subject areas Technology, Science, Society)
  2. Choose 2 modules within the same subject area and study one in the 1st and one in the 2nd semester. Get prepared for the exams necessary for guaranteed admission to your desired degree program at Constructor University
  3. Take part in the Test AS examination
  4. Successfully complete the program
  5. Progress directly onto year one of the chosen degree
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Student Library Studying
Orientation Pathway

Are you unsure what you want to study? The Orientation Pathway gives you the chance to explore a variety of subjects and make the right decision for your degree program later.

Our academic staff will assist you in finding your study direction. Or stay within one subject area and prepare for a specific degree course.

  1. Choose a subject in the first semester
  2. Have the option to stay within a specific subject area or choose again from a different subject area. Select your preferred modules in different subject areas.
  3. Decide on a degree program in the second semester
  4. Successfully complete the IFY program
  5. Progress directly onto year one of the chosen degree or individual assistance
Schematic Study Plan

qualification pathway

Schematic Overview IFY 2





For more detailed information about the program please download our IFY program handbook.

Meet some of our Foundation Year graduates
Milo IFY Student Picture
I came with a lot of passion but not the needed academic background, the IFY program prepared me on all the basics needed, so that when I started my undergraduate studies, it was much easier now that I am well prepared. Also, I have always been comfortable using English, but the Foundation Year was the first time where I learned how to use academic English.
Latthapol (Milo) Akkaraprud – Thailand
Lotte IFY Student Picture
The IFY program takes the knowledge from high school to a university level, as well as allowing you to test an undergraduate course. I really enjoyed the group activities with the other students as well as the wide range of support services offered.
Lotte Koornneef – Ireland / The Netherlands
Veronika IFY Student Picture
The program helped me to choose the right undergraduate degree program. One big advantage of the International Foundation Year are the relatively small class groups, which makes it easy to participate in class and receive direct support from the lecturers.
Veronika Hochdahl – Germany
Jordan IFY Student Picture
Being an IFY student was a big turning point in my life: not only because I had the chance of growing personally in the environment of the international campus community, but also because I received a lot of preparation, support and self-confidence to succeed in my undergraduate studies.
Jordan Pritzer – Germany / Trinidad and Tobago
Contact & Support
Stevan Milosevic

Stevan Milosevic

I am originally from Serbia, I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and I am pursuing my degree in Business Administration. I have been an international student myself until January of 2024, so I have a first-hand experience on how this life looks like. I am the Recruitment Counselor for Sub-Saharan Africa and Pre-Degree Programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have inquiries regarding my field of expertise. 

Languages I speak: English, Serbian


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