Earth and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Undergraduate program
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The Earth and Environmental Sciences program provides a gateway to a wide range of different career paths that reflect the diversity of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Career prospects are excellent, as there is an increasing demand for graduates with a science-based background in Earth and Environmental Sciences, especially with skill-sets that include practical field and lab work, numerical and analytical skills coupled with a sound knowledge in geochemistry, geology, oceanography, geophysics and/or data sciences. An understanding and appreciation of the inherent interdisciplinary nature of the Earth and Environmental sciences is also greatly valued by both academia and industry.

Graduates of the Earth and Environmental Sciences program at Constructor University can choose from a broad range of careers in academia and in industry, for example in the exploration and management of natural resources such as fresh water, fossil fuels and minerals on land and in the oceans, or in research at universities and various State-, NGO- or privately-funded research facilities. Possible careers also include high-school and college teaching, environmental consulting, protection and management, work in science journalism and publishing or in the geo- and eco-tourism industry. Since positions in industry and academia often require a MSc degree, the modules and courses in the Earth and Environmental Sciences program also aim to prepare students for further studies at graduate schools.

The Earth and Environmental Sciences program has an excellent placement record for its graduates in both, the international job market and highly ranked graduate programs in Germany and abroad (such as Berlin, Bremen, Munich and Tübingen in Germany, and, for example, MIT Boston, ETH Zurich, TU Delft and numerous other universities in the U.S., the Netherlands, the U.K., South Africa, Norway and Sweden). Earth and Environmental Sciences alumni are currently employed by a variety of different companies such as Equinor, Wintershall, DuPont USA, Shell, Lürssen Werft GmbH, and McKinsey, universities and research institutions such as the University of St. Andrews, UK, University of Colorado Boulder, USA, AWI Bremerhaven, MPI for Marine Microbiology, GFZ Potsdam, and Marum Bremen but also at NGOs and Federal and State departments and agencies.

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Individual career services and support: In addition to the career support provided by a student’s Academic Advisor, the central Career Services Center (CSC) at Constructor University together with the Alumni Office support students with high quality training and coaching in C.V. preparation, cover letter formulation, preparation for job interviews, business etiquette, and employer research. Furthermore, the Alumni Office helps students establish a long-lasting and worldwide network which provides support when exploring job options in academia, industry, and elsewhere.

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Lynn Shiyaya Likhanga

BSc Earth and Environmental Sciences | 2021
Nationality: Kenyan

My overall experience at Jacobs has exceeded my expectations! Having all these great connections with people from all over the world is a constant reminder of the privilege that Jacobs University has afforded me.

Our education is directly linked to us wanting to make a positive impact in this world! I truly do look and think about my future in positive light due to the experiences that I have had on this campus!

Lynn Shiyaya Likhanga
Gabriela Wiederkehr Guerra
Gabriela Wiederkehr Guerra

BSc Integrated Environmental Studies | 2015
Nationality: Guatemalan/Swiss

Sharing your everyday life with people coming from different parts of the world gave me more than just a classroom experience. This was thanks to the (truly) international environment Jacobs offered, which has been by far the most enriching one in my life. It was also where I met many beautiful people, some of which have also become my family and an important part of my life (despite the distance).

On the other hand, the academic experience was superb. Not only was I able to delve in different interesting topics, but I also had many hands-on experiences.

In conclusion, if I had the chance to go back in time, one thing I would not change is my decision to go to Jacobs University.

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