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Take a trip to the Übersee Museum to explore cultures around the world and Bremen's local history.
How do you overcome feeling homesick? Advice from a third-culture kid.
Discover recent breakthrough findings in cell biology by our students that are garnering world-wide attention.
Meet Adweta Mahat, a second-year International Relations: Politics and History student from Nepal.
Some suggestions of everything you could do, or see, in Germany this coming year of 2022.
Sometimes it is not just a piece of furniture, but an extension of our own soul.
An account on what exam season is like in the midst of a pandemic.
A longing farewell to the past difficult year, and a hopeful greeting to 2022.
Meet Abdullah Shah, an Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) major from Pakistan.
A love letter to the Autumn season in Germany, with its colours, foliage and hot beverages.
The climate is going berserk and humanity is threatened. Here is what the JU Environmental Club is doing about it.
Learn more about the economic benefits of such a diverse campus, and our very own ‘Global Village’
Time to alleviate those winter blues through some physical activity….The JU fitness center is here for you.
Meet Michelle Solomonov, a second-year Global Economics major from Haifa, Israel.
There are normal funfairs, and then there is the Bremer Freimarkt.
Fancy some modern art or classical painting in that dull colourless life of yours? Look no further..
Here´s what happened when two historical and nuclear adversaries decided it would be best to settle their differences on the cricket oval.
The return of The Other Side (TOS) has brought back a small amount of normality to campus life.
Meet Muhammad Saleem Zafar, a class of 2023 Industrial Engineering & Management major from Dubai.
Europe´s biggest democracy goes to the polls after years of Merkel´s chancellorship.
Learn more about Bremen´s historic harbour district, the Schlachte.
There can only be one winner of the Jacobs Games…like Squid Games, but much less violent.
Chinese students on campus celebrate the Moon Festival and bring a bit of home with them.
Meet JU´s very own, Dr. Kinga Lipskoch, lecturer in Computer Science
Prepare to have your heartstrings plucked, our in-house writer´s love letter to Paris, the city of lights.
They have finally arrived! What is was like to welcome the freshies on campus.
Discover the Schnoor Viertel, Bremen´s most historic district.
Meet Haseeb Ahmed is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering-major from Lahore, Pakistan.
Time to get paid. Learn more about the Investment Banking and Capital Markets Society, Jacob´s foremost financial society.
For one alumnus, regardless of where you are or where you end up, Jacobs will always be home.
Learn more about the Böttcherstraße, one of Bremen´s most iconic cultural landmarks.
A profile on the elite Jacobs University Rowing Team and some of their humanitarian activities.
Break out the dancing shoes, Bremen´s foremost concert event is back after a long absence.
Meet Emiliano Ramirez, a Physics-major from Guatemala.
A poignant reflection for one graduate, on what the past three years of Jacobs has meant to him.
Learn more about The Cathedral of St. Peter, the symbol of Bremen.
The game of kings, of empires, of nations.
Meet Tallina Tallae, an ECE-major from Islamabad, Pakistan.
Can Germany ever become a cricket powerhouse? A generation of migrants think so.
Fancy a pint? How about a litre instead? Welcome to Oktoberfest, truly the largest drinking party in the world.
Chasing a dragon can lead one to make some rather unexpected discoveries
Learn more about the Cologne Cathedral, Germany´s most visited tourist attraction and the pinnacle of gothic architecture
Meet Nabil Samad, an Intelligent Mobile Systems-major from Bangladesh
Welcome to the Hafengeburtstag, Hamburg´s celebration of it´s historic harbour.
Learn more about the language that gave the world words such as ´Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft´
Growing up agnostic and full of doubts in a religious society is an everyday struggle. One student´s inner philosophical battle with some of the most important questions concerning our own existence.
Welcome to the incredible Black Forest, so much more than the cake!
Meet Rabab Sholi, a BCCB-major from Palestine.
Feeling a bit peckish? Here are the top 5 traditional German foods you should try.
The fight for Aboriginal and Indigenous language rights in Australia.