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Discover the history behind one of Germany´s most recognisable landmarks, Berlin´s iconic Brandenburg Gate.
A profile of the Jacobs University Investment Banking & Capital Markets Society.
Meet Flutura Balaj, a physics student from Prishtina, Kosovo.
On in-house lethario and love-doctor, Cavan Yong addresses this very important holiday.
Explore the rich cultural history of Bremen, starting with its famous central square.
So close to the end yet still so far. The lockdown is still ongoing, so here are some tips to help you keep your sanity.
Meet this month´s Human of Jacobs, Maryam Mahjoub, a Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology-major from Tehran.
Not everyone can manage a ski-holiday during a global pandemic. Here is what those of us who stayed on campus got up to during the bleak winter break.
Learn more about the movement and how to participate.
Get to know Lisa-Marie Herlevi and het life as a PhD student at Jacobs University.
Wintertime could be difficult for our mental health, here are some tips and tricks that might help.
Meet Paula Cendoya, an MCCB student expected to graduate in 2021.
The resilience and good-humour of Jacobs students on display during one of the most challenging holiday periods in history.
Since 1922, the Bremen weekly markets have been around. Learn more about the 37 markets around town.
Learn more about the traditional German Berliner Pfannkuchen!
Learn more about the German way of celebrating Christmas.
Meet Simona Koleva from Bulgaria, a third-year IEM student.
An exciting and fashionable start-up initiative by a Jacobs favorite!
Learn 5 simple tips to live a greener life, be more sustainable, and fight climate change. Your daily decisions form the future of all of us.
Jacobs students capture the autumn spirit on campus and share it with the community.
Learn more about ‘Bremen’s green lungs’, located in the heart of the city.
Meet Zhanerke Arstanbay, a third-year BCCB student graduating in 2021.
The place to grab a drink, relax and unwind after a long day!
Meet some club members and dive into their passion for the environment
A passion project and marketplace created by two Computer Science students
Less than an hour away from Jacobs University, learn about its history and spend a day outside!
Meet Alice, Health Focus Area Representative and Head of the Chemistry Society
As freshies arrive, we welcome them with activities that ensure the safety of the campus community
Jacobs students joined the annual Climate Strike to fight climate injustice!
Learn about Fair Agro, a Jacobs student start-up!
A bazaar of ideas, passions, activities and fun!
Meet our new Content Creator: Kremena from Bulgaria!
Our Zulassungstage 2020 were once again a success!
A starkly different summer is upon us in 2020! Look at how different students spent their summer.
Get an insight into the Summer at Jacobs during COVID-19
Find out about the disinfectant Jacobs’ researchers are working on!
The self-proclaimed roommates of the year from Honduras and Senegal!
Learn about the experience of moving to online classes
Get to know our wonderful community members and builders!
Jacobs Alumni confronted quarantine with love, support, and lots of talent!
Curious about German health insurance? Here are the basics!
Graduation has come. Our Student Assistant and Content Writer says goodbye!
Learn what our residential colleges are doing to make social distancing bearable!
Learn how Jacobs students are coping with these strange times
Read about the experience of our RMs living at the residential colleges
Read “snatched“, a poem written by our Student Assistant, Ushashi
Meet the Jacobs Start-Up Competition organizer, Robin, from Germany!
Read about one of Jacobs’ favorite events of the year: ArtOn!
Jacobs students are back with stories from their exchange semester!