Constructor University 2023: A year in review
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The first year under the new name is about to end. Constructor University celebrates by looking back at numerous accomplishments. The year was filled with research success, international competitions, local cooperation, and humanitarian aid, each of which can be attributed to the University’s dedicated researchers, students, staff and leadership – and filled the new brand with life.

Outstanding research

The past year marked another year of incredible research output for Constructor University. A team of researchers achieved a breakthrough in chemical cell biology with their discovery of a new class of membrane transporters. Another working group achieved something similar with their research of the uptake of vitamin B12 in the intestine. Both results contribute to the fight against diseases and the development of better antibiotics.

Other researchers used AI to develop a new method for creating underwater maps, or for automatically mapping planetary landforms on Mars or the moon. The new single-crystal X-ray diffractometer, for the acquisition of which DFG funding was obtained, will ensure further outstanding results in chemistry.

Important insights also came from the research in the social sciences, such as a special issue on how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted social cohesion and on the healing power of creative therapy. In addition, Constructor University’s scientists made important contributions with their publications on international relations in the age of renewable energy and on improving communication in the health sector.

An impactful student body

The lively start-up scene on campus continued to flourish and both student and alumni entrepreneurs were able to successfully pitch and place their innovations this year: a team from the university reached the semi-finals of the global Hult Prize Challenge in Tunesia, the alumni start-up WasteAnt won the Bremen Start-up Award and alumnus Cornel Amarei, who became known for developing high tech glasses for the visually impaired, managed to patent the technology in the USA.

However, the commitment and success of the international students did not stop there: One team returned to campus from this year's Olympiad for students of mathematics with three gold and one silver medal. Another team took second place in the DOPPLERS-DPG physics competition. Other students got involved in neighborhood projects, organized numerous events on campus such as the Women in Leadership Conference or spoke on behalf of the university at the United Nations Human Rights Summit in New York.

Student satisfaction with their university and excellence in research and teaching were once again reflected in various university rankings. In the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, Constructor University increased by 100 marks and made it into the top 25 percent worldwide and is the university with the highest percentage of international students in Europe. The university also took top places again in the most important German ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). Excellent ranking results, new recruitment efforts like the international roadshow as well as a successful continuation of the summer camp are bound to bring new talent to Bremen in the coming years.

A strong community and network

The year 2023 was also a year the University was able to give back through social commitments. Students organized a collection of relief supplies for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria while Constructor group financed and organized a company flight with doctors and urgently needed goods. Support for students from Ukraine was also further expanded: the university is providing 100 full-tuition scholarships for them. To create more opportunities for streamlined humanitarian support, Constructor even created the Humanitarian Scholarship Program.

The University kicked off the year with a visit from Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte. The focus was on the start-up activities on campus and their integration into Bremen's lively start-up scene. His visit was a sign of the close cooperation between the university and the city which Dr. Serg Bell, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University, also emphasized at the traditional New Year's reception of "unifreunde" at Bremen City Hall earlier this year. The local networking of the university and its research also became visible at the "Bremen Life Science Meeting 2023", organized by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Springer on campus.

As always, the traditional graduation ceremony was a highlight of the academic year. The whole community, students, faculty, staff, parents, family and friends, celebrated over 540 graduates of the Class of 2023- the largest graduating class in the university's history. University President Dr. Stanislav Protasov addressed the graduates with inspiring words. The technology expert was appointed as the new President and Chairman of the Executive Board by the Board of Governors of Constructor University in March. Furthermore, Managing Director Oznur Bell was elected as the international university's first-ever Chancellor in July. The new leadership looks back on the past year with satisfaction and is already setting the course for continued success in 2024.

Look ahead  

As Constructor University looks to the new year, it anticipates the next major event with excitement, hosting the Times Higher Education European Universities Summit on campus from April 23-24th, 2024. The prestigious event will bring together top academics, researchers and policy makers from across Europe to discuss the future of higher education under the motto "Constructing the future: Partnerships for impact".

The whole Constructor community is excited to see what else is on the horizon for this dynamic institution.



Picture caption: Andrea Barba-Bon, postdoctoral researcher (left), and Werner Nau, Professor of Chemistry (right), celebrate the findings of a new class of membrane carriers and with this, another breakthrough in chemical cell biology.  (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: In a week-long winter school, Constructor University imparted basic knowledge in the automatic mapping of planetary landforms on Mars or the moon. (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: In the article "Creative therapy in health and disease: Inner Vision", published  in CNS & Therapeutics, Dr. Radwa Khalil deals with creative therapeutic approaches like painting, music and dance. (Source: Mohamed Goda)



Picture caption: The start-up WasteAnt was awarded the "Gründerpreis 2023", a prize for young businesses, for their AI-based technology that helps recycle waste more efficiently. (Source: WasteAnt)



Picture caption: The women in leadership conference (WIL) was organized by students Anna-Sophie Stritter (left) and Salma El Atassi (right). It empowers women with different academic and professional backgrounds to put themselves on the path for leadership. (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: Iris-Stefania Petcu, president of the Undergraduate Student Government of Constructor University, represented the university as a youth delegate at the 17th International Human Rights Summit in New York. (Source: Iris Petcu)



Picture caption: Bremen's Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte (right) met with young entrepreneurs who work and study at the university and visited the lab of the start-up project "Exoheal" by students Ali Alam, Saleem Zafar, Zain A. Samdani and Rami Udash (left to right). (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: Graduates of the Class of 2023 of Constructor University celebrated their graduation with the traditional Hat Toss in June. (Source: Constructor University)




Picture caption: Tech Expert Dr. Stanislav Protasov became president of Constructor University in March 2023. (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: In July 2023 Constructor University welcomed its first female chancellor, Oznur Bell. (Source: Constructor University)



Picture caption: In April 2024, the Times Higher Education European Universities Summit will take place on campus of Constructor University. (Source: Constructor University)



About Constructor University:
Founded in 2001, Constructor University is a top-ranked, English-language, private university, with a campus in Bremen, Germany. With its interdisciplinary approach, advanced digital learning tools and accredited programs, it equips students with fundamental knowledge, critical thinking and practical skills to build their professional career and address the world’s most pressing challenges.
The University emphasizes a synergetic and entrepreneurial spirit, offering program mentoring from top-tier professors and industry experts. Partner collaborations include the Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Carnegie Mellon, the National University of Singapore, the University of Geneva, and industry references such as Anisoprint, JetBrains and ChemDiv.
Internationality and diversity lie at the heart of Constructor University, with more than 110 nations at its vibrant and close-knit campus community in Bremen. There, students enjoy active campus life, with access to clubs, professional networks and academic counselling, essential to their personal and academic growth.
Research-centric faculty projects at the University are funded by the German Research Foundation, the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation, and globally leading companies.  
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