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Final Documents samples

Final Documents samples

The Default Logo, Brand and Legal Entity for Diplomas and Final documents is Constructor University.

As the graduating class of Spring 2024, students have the opportunity to choose whether they would prefer their final documents to bear the Jacobs University logo or the Constructor University logo.

Depending on the chosen option (Jacobs University or Constructor University logo), students will receive a uniform set of final documents. I.e. if opting for the Constructor University logo, students will receive a Constructor University diploma, Constructor final transcript, and a Constructor University diploma supplement. Students who opt for the Jacobs University logo will receive a Jacobs University diploma, Jacobs University final transcript, and Jacobs diploma supplement.
Please keep in mind as you make your choice that the institution's entity is officially changed and all mentions of the legal entity- including but not limited to- stamps, name and address will be Constructor University Bremen gGmbH on both options.

Please further keep in mind that the choice (or lack thereof) is binding and that your diploma and final documents will not be issued again under a different logo.

Constructor University diploma
Constructor University DS
Constructor University final transcript
Jacobs University diploma
Jacobs University DS
Jacobs University final transcript